Virtual Puppets

Full control over your virtual actor's movement, facial mimic and voice seamlessly integrated in a 3D computer-generated environment, all in real-time.

Live Shows Ready

Our Package includes all the necessary equipment needed to create a Unique Live Show. An Interactive TV Series Solution or just a simple Controllable 3D Visualization.

Proven Solutions

Mimicron is a mature, 5+ years Market-proven product. It's a ready-to-go, complete solution up and running. No additional hardware or software required on your side. Easy to set it up and maintaine.


How it Works




Tech Demo




Interactive TV Show Series 2006 - 2013
Slovenian National Television


· 6 Seasons
· Up to 36 Episodes per Season
· Studio Virtual Guests mixed with Live Guests
· Fully controllable Virtual Content - Environments & Characters


· 15-20min of Real-Time Interactive Content per Episode
· 4 Episodes per Month
· 5 new Scenes & Animation Setups per Episode
· 5 Speakers / Imitators per Episode
· Virtual Actors mixed with Live Picture
· Live/Virtual Guests talk Show


Mobile Application | Punchline


1. Select scene, character, camera
2. Press Record
3. Speak your punchline
4. Press Stop
5. Press Play
6. Agree when ready
7. Submit data
8. Wait for rendering to complete
9. Share your clip


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